References (Project Handling Cargo )

1. PLN / LG Engineering 50 Pcs of SUB Power station project from East Java to Bali Indonesia (1994-1995).

2. PT. Paiton Power Project Phase I (Number 7 & 8 ) / Shinwha Engineering, Korea & Toyo Engineering, Japan at Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia (1996-2000).

# Discharging the 150 Tons crane from Mother Vessel to low bed trailer.

# Discharging the 400 Tons Transformer from Barge used by Commeto & ramp way to job site.

3. SK Engineering / Puspetindo: Gresik (2007) / PERTAMINA / Dumai

# Vacuum Column On Modular Trailers and On Barge

4. Amonia Factory project / Shinwha Engineering * Chemical Factory Transportation Project at

from Paiton, East Java to Bontang, Kalimantan. Tuban, East Java (1998)

# Loading of 300 ton crane and P&H Crane on # Heavy Cargo discharging used by commeto

Barge used by Ramp way From Paiton Berth from barge to job site.

5. PT. Petro Widada, Gresik & LG Engineering of re-export and re-import processing for Damaged Machinery (Cooler Condenser) from Surabaya to Singapore (1999).

pt petro widada gresik

# Night Working for Cooler Condenser # Waiting Commeto on Barge for loading Heavy Cargo

6.PT. Miwon Driyorejo, Gresik.
Raw Sugar & Beet Molasses Import From Thailand to Surabaya (2007 & 2008).

pt miwon driyorejo gresik

# Raw Sugar Discharging From The Vessel and Transportation # Beet Molasses Discharging From The Vessel and Transportation

7. PT. Rukun Jaya Mandiri, Surabaya.
GRP Pipe Import From Korea to Palangkaraya, Kalimantan Via Tanjung Perak, Surabaya port (2011).

pt rukun jaya mandiri

# GRP Pipe Loading To Container Process # GRP Pipe Unloading Process

8. PT. Rener Tech Indonesia, Surabaya.
Refined Oil Export from Surabaya, Indonesia to Busan, South Korea (2014-2015)

pt renner text indonesia

# Placing the flexibag in the container 20’ft and inserting the steel bar

renner text indonesia surabaya

# Loading the refined oil into the flexibag

9. Posco Engineering Indonesia, Medan.
Butterfly Valve and Gate Valve import from Busan, South Korea, for WAMPU HEPP Project in Belawan, South Sumatra, Indonesia (June 2015)


# Lifting the cargo to the delivery truck


# The imported butterfly and gate valve inside the container9.3